Apr 25, 2006

Our new tank is up and running!

Hello everyone!
I got our rocks and sand into the new aquarium. As you may remember, this our (my) second attempt at this hobby. My first went horribly wrong and I ended up selling it all and starting over from scratch. This new one was custom built and stained to match our decor. The only missing thing is a matching box to house the chiller (gray box on the right with red digital display) which is sitting in the garage stained to match our stand...but needs some work done to make the chiller fit. Here are some pictures of the complete tank and stand and then a few of some corals that came on our live rock. I will keep you updated as I add fun stuff to the tank! Thanks for looking, and feel free to ask questions in the comments section. I love this hobby and recommend it if you are looking for a way to burn some time (and paychecks!). -Tyler

Apr 20, 2006

Baseball Time

So last night Tyler and I went to the Diamonbacks game for a bit. I took this picture with my phone and thought it was funny of Tyler so I had to share! The D-backs games are NOTHING compared to the Mariners, so dont worry we are still and will always be Mariners fans!

Apr 15, 2006

I think I am going to regret this.

This is could be my last will and testement.

I just signed up for the Whiskey 25 mountain bike race. 25 miles, back to back two thousand foot elevation gains...pain, agony...I'm scared. Attached you can take a look at the trail. This event is on May 13th, the weekend after is the last race of my normal race circuit...hopefully my legs will have recovered by then.

I am hoping to ride at least 20 miles a weekend every weekend until the race, with a couple of those 20 miles happening in one day. We will see!

If I survive, I am sure I will post another blog about how fun (aka. INCREDIBLE PAINFUL) the race was! Wish me luck...