Oct 26, 2006

We got a BENTLEY!

Most of you know we really can't afford a real Bentley, but our new English Bulldog comes close. Who couldn't say no to this cute face! He is about 4 months old and just a bundle of energy. Plus Cooper is having so much fun being a big brother! You can look forward to more pictures down the road.

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Oct 23, 2006

Finding Nemo? Look no further!

Just got a new addition to the reef tank yesterday. I adopted this beautiful long tentacle anemone. Some of you have probably seen Finding Nemo, and know that a clown fish is most happy while living (hosting) in an anemone. So, we bought our anemone a Clarki Clown to keep him company. This is a two way relationship. The anemone provides protection for the Clown in the form of a hiding place, and those tentacles can sting other fish, the clown fish is immune to these stings. In return the clown fish is kind enough to gather food and drop it in the mouth of the anemone...paying rent in a way! Here are some photos, enjoy!

Oct 18, 2006


Zach came down to Arizona during the most perfect time of the year to visit Claire and I am and enjoy a few rounds of golf. Zach landed on Thursday evening and we got up Friday morning and headed out to Kokopelli Golf Resort for round one of our marathon golf weekend!
After shooting 18 holes at Kokopelli we decided we hadn't had enough, so we booked another tee time for later that afternoon at Western Skies. We teed off pretty late, right in front of a great group of drunk Alaskans who kept us entertained the whole round. We ended only getting 9 holes in, and the 8th and 9th holes were basically shooting in the dark.
We took Saturday off from shooting golf, and instead went up into the desert to shoot guns. About 2000 rounds of ammo later, we kicked back and relaxed Saturday afternoon away...until poker started. We ended up at a friends house until about midnight on Saturday night playing Poker...which Zach beat me heads up to win a game.
Sunday morning we were out for more golf. We played Gold Canyon's Dinosaur Mountain, one of the nicest courses in the Phoenix area. ABSOLUTLY AMAZING! The course is set back into the mountains, which makes for stunning views from very high elevated tee boxes on the mountain sides. Here is a photo from that round!

We were both sore at this point from to much golf, and not enough sleep. So we let our Poker buddies drag us out again on Sunday afternoon for 18 more holes at View Point. Wheewwwww........LONG WEEKEND!

Zach, it was great to have you down, and I hope we can make this a regular visit! The golf courses are ALWAYS open and ready down here!