Jan 20, 2012

Jars of Clay concert

We bought VIP seats for Jars of Clay @ Central Christian Church. Along with Jars of Clay, we saw Mikes Chair (http://www.mikeschair.com/) and Johnny Diaz (http://www.jonnydiaz.com/) perform! It was a great show.

VIP Includes:
- Early Entry at 6PM
- Preferred Seating - We were in the center row 3
- Preshow Q&A session w/ bands at 6:30PM - People asked some awesome questions and was great to hear from all the band members. Picture below of Q&A.
- Color SHELTER tour poster
- Limited edition SHELTER VIP badge and lanyard (which was really a string)

Jan 15, 2012

Dog Bed!

Claire and I tackled our first big sewing machine project since we built curtains for the camper years ago! This one was fun. We build a giant dog bed! The dogs already love it.

Jan 12, 2012

Mikiah Thomas Rigg Hillard

Announcement from Dustin and Julianna:

We are happy to announce the birth of our son, Mikiah Thomas Rigg Hillard! 

Mikiah joined our family on Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 8:04pm, weighing 8lbs 10oz and measuring 22.5 inches.  After one week of Julianna’s body trying to start labor on its own at night and then stopping during the day, we began induction on Tuesday, January 10.  And, 57 hours later, he was *finally* in our arms!  We are completely in love with our little guy, and we can’t wait to introduce him to the world.  Given the long, long labor process, we ended up staying two nights at the hospital but all is well, and we are back home, slowly adjusting to a life that is far fuller and more meaningful than we could have imagined. 

For those inquiring minds who are curious about his name…  Mikiah (pronounced Mick-i-ah) was the name of a doctor Julianna saw one time years ago.  He was incredibly kind and patient, and Julianna emailed herself the name and filed it under potential baby names.  We had a lengthy list of possible names, but we both knew the moment he was on Julianna’s chest that he was to be named Mikiah.  The name is a derivative of Micah, and it means “who is like God?”  The traditional spelling is Michaiah, but that seemed to be a bit of a spelling disaster J.  Michaiah was a prophet, and from what we could find online, he spoke truth to power.  In the one story we could find, King Ahab had 400 prophets foretell what was to come in a battle that he was preparing to fight.  All of the 400 prophets, Michaiah included, prophesied that King Ahab would be victorious.  However, Michaiah had a different vision; he told the King that he had not been truthful about his earlier prophecy, and the indeed, King Ahab would lose the battle and die in the process.  For this negative prophesy, Michaiah was imprisoned by the King…  but not for long, as King Ahab ended up losing the battle and dying.  He has two middle names – Thomas, after Julianna’s dad – and Rigg – keeping with our “tradition” of everyone in our little family with Rigg as a middle name.   

We are totally enamored with our little guy and amazed at how quickly our time is consumed by him.  Attached are some pictures of probably the best looking baby boy in the history of the universe (right?).

Best – Dustin, Julianna, Mikiah, and Jersey

Jan 7, 2012

Coyotes Game

Part of Tyler's Christmas gift was tickets to the Coyotes tickets. It ended up being a great game! Shane Doan got his first career hat trick! The third goal happened the last second of the game! It was so fun to go to the game. The picture below is in front of the stadium waiting for dinner at Margaritaville.