Dec 31, 2009

Happy New Year! 2010

We rang in the new year by going to Phoenix Zoo lights (a HUGE light display that encompasses the entire zoo) and Old Spaghetti Factory (our favorite date night restaurant)! At the Zoo lights we managed to wander into Sting Ray Bay on one of the rare public feeding nights. For $2.00 you got a little cup full of minnows and got to hand feed the sting rays. It's a WEIRD feeling! They don't have teeth, so they basically suck your entire hand into their mouth to get the piece of fish...pretty cool experience.

Dec 29, 2009

Christmas in Big Bear

We are very blessed to have just spent a week in Big Bear, CA like we do most weeks between Christmas and New Years. It is a nice break after the busy holiday retail season. We also met Hazel Lindgren for the first time! She seems like a great happy beautiful baby!

Dec 6, 2009

Bisbee Trip!

Got woken up with warm cinnamon rolls in bed and then we headed out on a fun road trip with my hubby to Bisbee! Tyler researched and found an old mine tour so we gassed up the mini and went for a road trip. The mine tour was amazing! We got dressed up in yellow jackets, hard hats and head lamps and rode an old mining cart into the mine. Our tour guide was an actual old miner from this mine.

BISBEE - a name to stir the interest of mining men everywhere - has been one of the greatest copper camps the world has ever known. In almost 100 years of continuous production before the Bisbee mines closed in 1975, the local mines produced metals valued at $6.1 billion (at 1975 price) one of the largest production valuations of all the mining districts in the world. This staggering amount of wealth came from the estimated production of 8,032,352,000 lbs of copper, 2,871,786 ounces of gold, 77,162,986 ounces of silver, 304,627,600 lbs of lead and 371,945,900 lbs of zinc!

Today’s Queen Mine Tour takes visitors deep into the old workings of the famous Queen Mine where great tonnages of extremely rich copper ore was mined in the early days, catching the attention of the mining industry around the world as one of the greatest treasure troves of copper ever discovered.

Taking the Queen Mine Tour is to step back through the pages of history. A melting pot of immigrant miners from the mining districts of Europe labored beneath the Mule Mountains to feed the insatiable demand for copper and electricity. The electrical age changed the World from a predominantly rural society to the industrial age, bringing with it the highest standard of living the world has ever known.