Dec 31, 2008

Big Bear Vacation

We had a wonderful week in Big Bear with Claire's extended family. We played games, shopped, laid around and caught up on the happenings of the last year.

One of the shops in Big Bear that we have become fond of over the past 3 visits is the Art Gallery of Timothy Wolcott. I was drawn to Tim's photographs the first time I stepped foot in his small gallery on the main street in Big Bear. The photos, upon first looks, seem to be "lit" from behind by a light source within the frame. But, it's just natural beauty caught at the perfect moment by Tim Wolcott.

This year, we couldn't leave without one. We decided on a newer piece that the gallery hasn't even put into full print yet. The copy we have is an Artist's Proof and is entitled "Forest Tranquility". The photo was taken by Tim in Sequoia National Forest in June of this year, 2008. This valley has a hidden abundance of Dogwoods that don't normally grow at this altitude, so it was a pleasant surprise and apparently photo worthy. The photo is actually 7 photos spliced flawlessly together to give you a 180 degree view and the detail is unlike anything I have ever seen. Tim is using a cutting edge technology to print these photos and his techniques will actually be showcased in a PBS TV special airing in November. We were so impressed with the quality of work and Tim's patience in helping us choose the perfect piece that we can't wait to go back next year to possibly pick out another piece.

We just got it hung up in our living room on the blank wall that we have been looking to fill for over a year. This photo doesn't do it justice, so we encourage you to come over for dinner and to have a closer look.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

Dec 17, 2008

30 !!

Unfortunately the Postal Store I carried my jewelry in changed owners and the new owners don't want any gift items anymore. SO I decided to add what I had in the store to my website for everyone to enjoy! I just added 30 more items and there are more to come!

Buy Handmade

Dec 5, 2008

Hale Centre Theatre

This past Valentines Day Tyler gave us season tickets to Hale Centre Theater! It has been so fun going to this small local theater! I dont think there is a bad seat in the house! Here is what we saw:
Singin' In the Rain (Mar 22)
Man with the Pointed Toes (May 10)
Dear Ruth (Jun 7)
The Music Man (Aug 2)
Wait Until Dark (Oct 4)
Camelot (Nov 8)
A Christmas Carol (Dec 5)

For more info: