Jun 15, 2010

Another update on Dad

From Mom and Dad: So I had a CT yesterday and saw the surgeon and hematologist. The bad news is that the hematoma is “mildly increased with 8 mm of left-to-right midline shift, increased from 5 mm.” The good news is that I am feeling fine. The surgeon is surprised but suggests we wait to see what happens in 3 weeks when we see him again. Then we can drain it again with a syringe or let it go. Or get a second opinion.
I had an episode Saturday night where I had trouble expressing myself for a few minutes. He gave me a prescription of Kepra to prevent seizures. I guess the brain does not like foreign matter like blood irritating the brain.
The hematologist is running about 6 tests but expects nothing unusual to show up. And I see a neurologist on July 13th.
Isn’t this fun? That’s it for now

1 Month and Counting till TRT!

Today is June 15th, 2010. I (Tyler) will be departing for Tahoe on Wen. July 14th with a one night layover in L.A. and then picking Zach up on Thur. July 15th and heading up to our family cabin in the Tahoe area.

We are 1 month away from heading for Tahoe. We have both been training when we can, hiking, hitting the gym, running....I don't think either of are over confident that it's helping to much :)

We have been ironing out the last of the logistics. Our food is sitting in boxes ready to go, one bear box is complete with two more to go, Topo's food is on it's way to Phoenix from Tail Waggers in Colorado.

Tyler has been in contact with a few people in the Tahoe area. One local lady who has hiked the entire trail has been able to offer advice about water and food caches. She has also offered us a dry guest room if the weather turns on us. Topo has a contingency plan as well via a local bording clinic in South Lake Tahoe. They have offered to pick Topo up at a trail head and board him for a few nights if he needs a break.

I will update again as we get closer and start getting gear assembled and boxes up for the trip.

....stay tuned.

Jun 6, 2010

Our first Vlog - Lower Wolf Creek Campground

With Claire's new position at Lifelock, we are getting used to taking full advantage of our weekends off. This weekend we loaded up the Coleman for the first time in almost a year, and headed north to beat the foretasted 112 degree weather in Phoenix. We left on Friday around dinner time, with a destination of Lynx Lake Recreation Area near Prescott, unfortunately we weren't the only one's with this plan, and arrived to a full camp ground. A quick inspection of the Atlas and we found a couple campgrounds less than 30 minutes away and headed for them. We found a nice camping spot late on Friday night at Lower Wolf Creek CG. Throughout the weekend we took some short video clips and put them together for your enjoyment. We will try to do more with the video camera...it was kind of an experiment this weekend. We hope you enjoy!

Jun 2, 2010

5 years of Marriage

Although the title to this blog is still "The New Matneys", we aren't so "new" anymore. Claire and I have hit a milestone in our marriage, 5 years. It was a bit of an unconventional anniversary, but an anniversary nonetheless.

This 5 years of marriage, also marked 10 years in our relationship. I don't want to get all sappy, and start bragging about how great we are together....but I can't help myself :) We are an incredibly fortunate couple, with a relationship that is easy to maintain, and a love that continues to grow.

So raise your glass (or your mouse, that will work) to many more years of bliss. Cheers!

Jun 1, 2010

Claire goes to San Fran

Claire was able to get away for a weekend to go to San Fran. I stayed at D&J's and my Mom also came down. We also spent a day wine tasting in Wine country. I found out I like a soft old vine cabernet wine. Everyone told me I have an expensive taste!
It was a great weekend walking all over San Fran and seeing all the sites! It was great to be with family and go to Katie and Jasons wedding.