Jun 15, 2010

Another update on Dad

From Mom and Dad: So I had a CT yesterday and saw the surgeon and hematologist. The bad news is that the hematoma is “mildly increased with 8 mm of left-to-right midline shift, increased from 5 mm.” The good news is that I am feeling fine. The surgeon is surprised but suggests we wait to see what happens in 3 weeks when we see him again. Then we can drain it again with a syringe or let it go. Or get a second opinion.
I had an episode Saturday night where I had trouble expressing myself for a few minutes. He gave me a prescription of Kepra to prevent seizures. I guess the brain does not like foreign matter like blood irritating the brain.
The hematologist is running about 6 tests but expects nothing unusual to show up. And I see a neurologist on July 13th.
Isn’t this fun? That’s it for now

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