Jul 8, 2010

Dad Updates

From Mom and Dad: So the latest on Wayne’s holey head is that there is no change. We saw the surgeon today after another CT scan and he saw virtually no change from 3 weeks ago. So the leak has stopped for the moment. He assumes that there is some sort of membrane still there from the hematoma keeping the brain from retaking the space it should. Normally the brain reoccupies the space in the course of 3 months. But my brain did not get the memo so it is still squished about 1 inch down on one side by an unwelcome fluid. However I continue to have no symptoms & am feeling fine.

He gave us 3 options:

* Do nothing and image again in a month.
* Do a similar surgery again to evacuate the hematoma using two of the existing holes plus a 3rd new one (i.e. - try again with more of the same)
* Do a craniotomy: which means removing a piece of the skull to get better access and snip away the hematoma membrane that is on top of the brain. The skull piece is then reattached with titanium bolts.

So there is bad news and good news: The bad news is that it is not better and the good news is that it gives us time to complete our Mayo Clinic visit on July 29th before doing another surgery.

We also have another MRI scan Friday, with and without contrast, to rule out any type of lesion that might be causing the hematoma.

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