Sep 12, 2005

Calling Cate and Wayne

As you might imagine my parents would love to hear your voices and receive a phone call from you! To help you out I have done some research and put instructions below... Enjoy! It is great to hear their voices and hear their stories!

Also feel free to pass this on to anyone you might think would want to call them!

Getting a Phone card instructions:
1. Go to (The card is about $0.069 a minute)
2. click on the shopping cart to add cards and enter payment options.

Once you get an email confirming purchase and another email with PIN numbers you are set to call! They say it may take up to 24 hours. I have had it been 1 hour and sometimes a day or two till I got the pin number email.

Calling Cate and Wayne Instructions:
Dial: 1-800-574-5590 Enter your PIN number (should be emailed to you after you purchase the card - pin # is 12 digits long)
Dial 011-228-903-3224 ~ C&W cell phone number

Sometimes I have noticed it takes a while to connect and it doesn't always sound like a normal phone ring. But stick with it and it should go through. If they don't answer or it doesn't connect you will hear a french lady speaking to you, just hang up and try back later :) If you do talk with them the conversation is a little delayed as well so it takes a second or two for them to respond.

Good luck and if you have questions let me know!

PS ~ Their snail mail address is still the same even though they have gone to their placement. They love getting snail mail too!! Make sure you put AIR MAIL on everything you send them! Otherwise it will take months to get to them!
Wayne and Cate Hillard
Peace Corps
BP 3194
Lome, Togo
West Africa

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