Jan 10, 2006

Cooper Update

Cooper seems to have, what we call a little bit of an eye problem. He has had 3 eye surgerys to remove, what is very common in English Bulldogs, called Cherry Eye. The surgerys werent successful so we had to take the next step.

SO, we had him in to a dog eye specialist last week and they wanted to do an emergency surgery to tack his eye lid up because he has developed a pretty bad ulser on his eye ball from his eye lid curling in and the hair rubbing his cornea. However he had just eaten a HUGE bowl of food, and there was the risk that he would vomit while in surgery, inhale the vomit into his lungs and could that could be fatal. So we opted to get the first available regular surgery date rather than risk his life. He is in surgery today getting his eye lid tacked up. Once that is done, then we have to wait for that ulser to heal, which hopefully will happen quickly. Once that is healed, then the glands of the eye will relax, and shrink back to normal size, at which point they can move forward with the aggressive surgery on the cherry eye problem. Cooper has Retinal Dysplasia (which is a wrinkling of the outter layer of the eye).

We just want our little Cooper to be happy, I feel so bad that he has had to go through all this. But, on a good note, he is still happy and bubbly as always! What a personality this dog has! He still loves the vet to death...which blows my mind! Good thing he is so cute huh!??!!

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