Aug 13, 2006

Ok so we have had some complaints that we haven't updated this in a while... SO we put a new photo of us below from the Huey Lewis and Chicago concert. We will try to keep this better updated :)
Tyler update: I have started a new job with Protection One. I left United Natural Foods Inc./ Mountain Peoples Warehouse after nearly 4 years of wonderful employement. Protection One is a residential and commercial security monitoring company. My position allows me to help families better secure their homes, and is turning out to be very rewarding! Hopefully I will enjoy many years of success within Protection One, and with a little luck it might be our ticket out of "The Valley of the Sun", and back to a state/ town with seasons.
Claire update: I am loving my new job at the puppy store. It is so fun to see the pups go home to good people and see their excitment. Don't worry, I havent brought any other animals home yet...our Matney Zoo is enough for now :)
Animal update: Cooper eye still have some stitches in it, but doing much better! Lily is great as normal and the fish tank has its ups and downs. Biff is going strong and loves this Arizona heat!
House update: The house is holding out strong. The AC was on and off for a while there, which sucked but thank god we bought the home warranty when we purchased the house!
I think that is all for now! Enjoy!!

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