Apr 3, 2008

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

At this very moment Tyler and my Uncle Nelius are hiking part of the Pacific Crest Trail. They will be doing about 50 miles in 4 days, starting in Big Bear, CA and ending near Pasadena, CA. I believe it has been a dream to do the PCT of U. Nelius's and Tyler is excited about doing this big of a trip. I know they both bought and made new equipment that would be light weight enough and warm enough and are excited. They headed out this morning (Thursday, 4/2) and will hopefully be arriving either Sunday or Monday. I believe they spend on taking a half day to visit some hot springs sometime during their trip too. I assume Tyler will update this when he gets back with photos and more but wanted your prayer request for their safety! I believe this is a picture of the part of trail they will be hiking... If I hear any news I will be sure to post it too!

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