Feb 26, 2008

RIP Ryan Keith Jones

Ryan left this earth on February 26th, 2008 at the age of 27 in Tempe, AZ. Born May 12th, 1980 in Seattle, Ryan grew up in Bellevue attending Chinook Middle School and Bellevue High School. He attended college at Central Washington University and Arizona State University.

Ryan is survived by his parents Genie and Terry, sister Kylee, brother Dustin, "Brother" Uncle Shawn, niece Kavara, nephew Kovey and the absolute love of his life, his son Caiden. Ryan has extensive family and friends from Washington, British Columbia, Ellensburg, Arizona and Florida that are all incredibly important to Ryan and are all deeply saddened by his passing.

Ryan's main occupation in life was to make people have fun. He loved his family, the beach, the sun, mountain-boarding, music, a good party and animals of all types.

Ryan was our roommate since end of October 2007. Ryan decided to accepted the invitation to come live with us after a long year or two in WA. For some reason it seemed that Ryan always listened to what Tyler had to say so it seemed to be a good fit for him to join us. He was a great friend of Tyler's throughout college and afterwards as well. He was an usher at our wedding and also caught my garter at our wedding. The great memories are way to many to count and he always could put a smile on your face.

A note from Tyler to Ryan on his myspace...
Last night you were driven to an act that I will never understand, and I'm sorry it happened. I feel like I did every thing I could to help you better your situation, and get on a path to success. I hope you know that everything I did was just the surface of what I would have done for you. You have been a very close friend of mine, and I have always been here to support you, and motivate you. I will miss you, I will miss the good times, and I will always wonder what could have been. Wherever you are now, I hope you are happy, I hope you can see the love everyone has for you, I hope you can watch out for your son, I hope you can be stress free and not worry about some of the tough hands you have been dealt throughout life. You are missed my friend. And the song "Apologize" will forever have a different tone after today. Rest in peace my friend, I will see you someday...and we will mountain board the biggest mountain the heavens have to offer. -Tyler

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