Jun 6, 2008

Small Favor?

Dear Friends and Family...and future customers!

I have a promotional give away that you might (read: BETTER) be interested in. I recently purchased a handful of car window decals. I have placed them on both of our cars; Tyler is super excited about them on the 4Runner :)

I have 15 smaller stickers available for give away. Here is the deal; the first 15 people who reply to this email (there are 90 people getting this email) and are willing to put my sticker on the back window of their car will receive a FREE pendant, the pendants are made on the back of a scrabble piece and are really nice! These will be retailing in my store for $6 without a ribbon, or $8 with the ribbon. I will send you the pendant and ribbon Free of charge...even shipping is free! Do you get the deal, FREE!!! Here is the stipulation, you must place the sticker on your car, and then you have to email me a photo of the sticker on your car before I ship your necklace.

The first 15 people get the deal, if I have enough interest I will consider more stickers, but they aren't cheap! Just email me at (clairematney@gmail.com) with your address you want the sticker sent to and it will be on its way!

Thanks! Claire

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Anonymous said...

Really nice one to see this..

Thank you very much...
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