Aug 28, 2009

Dynamic MINI Collective

Claire, the MINI and myself have now joined the Phoenix area club called...The Dynamic MINI Collective. This is a group of MINI Cooper enthusiasts that span the state of Arizona. On Wen. night I went to my first group event which was a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the release of the original Mini. Unfortunately due some emergencies at work, Claire wasn't able to make this event.

The history of where our great little car came from is a lengthy story, so to sum it up quickly, the first Mini (lower case letters back then) rolled off the lot in August of 1959 as the Austin Mini Seven, Austin Mini Minor and Austin Mini Minor DL. It changed shapes and names a few times over the next several decades but always carried the Mini name in it's title. Production stopped world wide in 2000, and then in 2002 BMW took the little British car out of retirement and brought it to the USA with a slight twist to the name, and the MINI Cooper was reborn.

Our MINI, nick named C-Diddy (for our English Bulldog, Cooper) was born in 2003. It's not fast, but it's fun and sporty and turns heads everywhere we drive it.

We are hoping to get out with the club on their group drives, weekend getaways and monthly ice cream socials and other dinner events. Here is a photo taken at the 50th anniversary dinner. There was a total of about 20 MINIs at this was some sight to see all those cars lined up!

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JC said...

I haven't been to many functions for the club lately. I cant wait to meet you and your MINI. Lets not forget your Bully too. We also have a Bully named Manwich. I am on the DMC board as Dog Wash Mini. Hope to meet you soon!