Apr 29, 2010

2005 Suzuki V-Strom DL650

Tyler is at it again...

On Monday Tyler signed paperwork on a (new to us) 2005 Suzuki V-Strom. Tyler has been talking about buying a motorcycle for years, and has almost pulled the trigger a few times. When the local dealership took in this bike on trade he couldnt' resist any longer.

So people have expressed concern over how safe riding a motorcycle is. Of course, there is a concern, there is reason to have one. People are injured and even killed on motorcycles all the time. However, people also ride for their entire lives and never have an accident...these people are well educated and safe riders. This is the route Tyler is going to pursue!

Tyler is enrolling in a motorcycle safety course where he will learn critical decision making skills, bike control, and evasive maneuvering. Most people don't know that Tyler has actually spent a lot of time riding motorcycles both on road and off. Not to mention his many years at the handle bars of a mountain bike.

So please don't worry, safety is #1, and the proper riding gear was purchased when the bike was, included a new helmet, riding jacket and proper foot wear.

So, enjoy the pictures...and next time you're in town...I'll take you for a ride on the back of it!

The Ride Now power sports delivery truck!

My new baby, sitting pretty on the trailer!

Claire seeing how the back seat feels. As soon as I am ready, we will be taking this thing all over the state of Arizona!

Getting ready for my first time around the block!

See! Look how cautious I am pulling out of the driveway! SAFETY FIRST!


Bikes said...

That is ALOT of bike. NO FUN, I know who will win the race now....

Footwear said...

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Anonymous said...

Shortsman puts safety first. Well, lovely bike! Nice photo of he and her on it, cause that is what kind of bike I need. Is she comfortable back there? We are 183cm/78kg and 157cm/55kg. A 650 ccm3 should be more than enough for calm riding.