May 11, 2010

Dad Update

From Mom and Dad: Just had a quick 5 minutes debrief with the doctor, and the news is good.

Here is the quick run-down of what we heard and learned...

* The surgery went great
* Three holes: 1 right side, 2 left side
* He has staples over the incisions, and his head is wrapped
* There was no source of bleeding discovered (this was expected given the old blood), and there was no additional bleeding.
* The fluid that drained looked like motor oil — dark, old blood that the body could not/did not absorb. “Old bad blood”
* Rinsed the fluid out until clear, and now those spaces are filled with air.
* The aspirin that he was on should stop, to help increase clotting
* Wayne is currently in recovery, and he will be for about an hour. He is talking and able to move both sets of limbs. After the recovery (which is better than the possible ICU!), we will be buzzed and can go see him.
* He will have scans tomorrow, in one month, two months, and three months. It will take about three months for his brain to fill back in and back to normal... Again, more will be known later today and tomorrow.
* Related to “normal” -- the doc equated what he did and what Wayne experienced this morning as going through a windshield — lots of action on the brain. So, what I got from that is that the healing is (obviously) for the incision points, but also for the brain itself.

More later, once we can see Wayne!

What a strange, strange 24 hours...

(FWIW: the surgery started at 908 and ended at 947 — 39 minutes...)

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