Oct 6, 2010


It may not happen often, but Arizona does get it's fair share of extreme weather. This week has taken that to a new level. Yesterday around 3pm, the Phoenix Valley was bombarded with a furious wind and hail storm. Our house sustained over $10,000 in hail and water damage.

Claire came home from work on Tuesday, and from the door to the garage could clearly see that the dogs had made a COMPLETE mess of the house, there was stuff everywhere. Turns out...that was just were Claire's mind took her on an inital visual survey. Upon further inspection...and the feeling of water hitting her on the head (IN THE DINING ROOM!) she looked up to find that we no longer had sky lights. The hail blasted out all 5 of the skylights in our house, and then let a 30 minute down pour come on in. Our roof was heavily damaged, the AC unit sustained damage, our kitchen table and chairs have water damage and the outside of the house has chipped paint on the west and south walls.

Allstate insurance has deemed this a catastrophe, so we will be compensated for all damages...but what a hassel! And of course...this stuff always happens when Tyler is out of town!

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