Jul 14, 2011

RIP Dana

Name – Dana Matney / Our Hamster (male hamster)
Age – 3 or 4 years old…who keeps track
Residence – The office, in our house
Place of death – See above
Time of death – Last couple days…but she/ he had a full bowl of food and water
Cause of death – Little Dana was old…just plane old.

Our little Dana comes from a foggy background, her/ his heritage is uncertain, but somehow ended up for sale at Animal Kingdom (Superstition Springs Mall location) during Claire’s tenure at the store. Dana passed away, while asleep in her favorite spot…the upper balcony of her multi-level condo. She is survived by her human family, Claire and Tyler, and her other siblings, Bentley, Topo, Tinker, Lily and Tommy…and the clown fish. Dana enjoyed the finer things in life; seeds, grains, fresh water…a nice walk on her wheel. When Dana was feeling adventurous she would go for a stroll in her clear ball…and run into Bentley (who could have eaten her with out even chewing). She/he laughed in the face of danger.

Dana will be sorely missed, and her memory will live on as a funny little blonde hamster with a girl’s name…and a definable set of nuts (which we didn’t notice at first).

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