Nov 27, 2006

Mountain Bike season is BACK!!!

The sun has given up for the summer, and the cool weather is upon us! I have officially joined a team for the 2007 mountain bike season. Missing Link Racing is a great group of riders, most of which just look forward to a cold beer after a hard ride. I will be spending lots of time with the team througout the season.

We got a small ride group together and headed up to Sedona to enjoy the red rocks, and red dust provided by the beautiful northern Arizona wilderness. We rode a 9 mile loop through the Little Horse Trail system, just west of downtown Sedona. It wasn't a long ride, but with all the "slick rock" areas, we spent just as much time goofing around on the rocks as we did riding the trail. Here are some photos. The first one is of me making sure my suspension is getting it's daily workout, the others are of the group at Chicken Point, a VERY scenic view point that affords amazing views of the red rock cliffs. Enjoy, and plan on more mt. bike photos as the race season kicks off in January


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Anonymous said...

if you plan one of these trips farther in advance i'm in.