Dec 19, 2006

The Twelve Days of Matney's Christmas (explained)

Dear Friends and Family,
Thanks so much for taking the time to visit our blog and get a better understanding of exactly what put the words into our song (we hope you actually sang it!)

The First Day- We are still living (stuck) in Arizona.
The Second Day- We have acquired yet another English bulldog! Bentley is quite the character and getting along great with Cooper! Cooper is now a year and a half, and Bentley is 6 months old.
The Third Day- We got a little surprise when we had our cat Lily into the vet for her annual shots. The vet looked at us, giggled and then asked why Lily had a pink collar on. Turns out Lily is actually a boy...we haven't told her yet.
The Fourth Day- Tyler has taken up golf as a means to pass the summer months. During the summer it is to hot to do anything but sit in the air conditioning...UNLESS you get out on the golf course around 5am and get 18 holes in before 10am.
The Fifth Day- Cooper has still struggled with his eye problems. Surgery after surgery. Hopefully he is finally in the clear.
The Sixth Day- Claire is still very actively creating her earrings, necklaces, and bracelets which are available through her website;
The Seventh Day- Our saltwater aquarium is still up and running. It has it's good times and bad, but still seems to be a focal point in our house.
The Eigth Day- Claire has made a drastic career change during the last year. From office work to selling puppies. She is the Assistant Manager at Animal Kingdom.
The Ninth Day- Tyler is still mountain biking, and more than ever. He has joined a local race team and gets out on rides at least once a week. To have a peek at the team website check out;
The Tenth Day- Tyler has also made a career change. After 4 years with United Natural Foods/ Mountain People's Warehouse, he has taken a position with Protection One Security as a Residential Security Consultant.
The Eleventh Day- Claire's parents are in their second and final year in Togo working for The Peace Corps. Claire will be travel around the globe in late January to spend 2 weeks visiting her parents and getting a grasp of what life is like in this unique country. To see more about Wayne and Cate's experience visit;
The Twelfth Day- Another wonderful year as the Matneys!

We hope your year was as wonderful as ours, and that your Holidays are filled with joy and peace. God Bless, and Merry Christmas.

Love, Tyler and Claire

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