May 7, 2008

1980 Coleman Saratoga Limited

Claire and I decided that after several years of talking about it to pull the trigger, and buy our first RV. It's a 1980 Coleman Saratoga Limited. Amenities include a sink (hand pumped water), 3 burner propane stove, and interior and exterior lights. It sleeps 8 people! A king bed on one end, a queen on the other, and then there are two dinette tables that each fold down into a full/twin. It's not much to look at, but for $500 we didn't expect much! It needs a serious bath on the inside and outside, as well as new tires, new propane tank, and a little canvas work but nothing that we can't handle! It's perfect for us! We bought it from a family that had bought it in 1981 after the original owner only took it out a few times. It has been handed around their family and used on and off over the years, with the last outing being about 5 years ago. It's time to get it back out and in use. I will get some pictures of it set up tomorrow when we start cleaning. Here are some teaser photos from tonight. We take it out on it's maiden voyage May 17th. We have that long to get it road worthy.

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