May 8, 2008

Pop Up Update

Well, the last two days have been productive! In my opinion, this thing is ready to go camping! We should have time to get a few more things completed before we leave for our first outing. Yesterday I redid the water system from the ground up, new tank, new hoses, works perfect now. I also updated the propane tank, regulator and hoses. So we can cook and do dishes now.

Today we went out and purchased of the things that was farther down the "to-do" list, but it go rushed to the front when we found a super cheap fabric store in Tempe. We went with a fabric that we thought was both exciting, but didn't kill the resale value if we decide to part with the trailer down the road. All we have done so far are the dinette sets. We bought a nice solid khaki color for the beds, but that fabric is being shipped to Idaho were my Grandpa is going to sew new bed panels for us. Here are some photos of the before and after photos over the last couple days.

note: I don't have before and after photos of everything, like the water and propane.




Anonymous said...

Not even an honorarly mention for the Grinch's help.

Anonymous said...

Really nice one to see this..

Thank you very much...
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