May 29, 2011

Happy 6 year Anniversay Claire and Tyler!

The wine tasteing crew!

To celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary, Tyler planned a trip to Arizona wine country! We rode the motorcycle down and stayed at the Duquesne House Bed & Breakfast in Patagonia, Arizona. I would recommend doing this trip to anyone! It was a perfect romantic weekend.

We met a couple there, Mark and Barb, and spent most of the weekend with them. Terrific people...and complete southern Arizona wine experts!

Here is an excerpt from the Arizona wine country website:

The Wine Country is about 55 miles from Tucson, Arizona. The areas you will want to visit are Sonoita and Elgin and the beautiful rolling countryside in between.

The first experimental vineyard was established in 1973. Arizona wines have gained an international reputation. There are 14 vineyards and wineries. According to the Arizona Wine Grower’s Association, climate and soil studies have revealed that this region is similar to Ribera Del Duero, Spain, Southeastern Australia, Southern France and is almost identical to that of Paso Robles, California.

Arizona Wine Country isn’t like Napa or Sonoma Valleys of California. There are no crowds, no in-your-face commercialization and you will drive along windswept plains from winery to winery. Some of them are so simple that they don’t have signs on the tasting room! But as you travel you will find that you have discovered a diamond in the rough. The wine growers in the area know their business and are slowly earning a world-wide reputation.

Winery Map:

The Duquesne House Bed & Breakfast:

Ranee Walker's wine tours:

We would like to make a couple of personal recommendations while you are in the area too....

Make sure to try the Naughty Monkey Sweet Reserve at Village of Elgin Winery, and then finish your day off drinking the sangria at Wilhelm Winery until you fall off a bar stool!

Claire and I on the ride home...the bike is riding a little low from the 8 bottles of wine we squeezed in amongst our clothes! :)

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