May 2, 2011

Zuma - SOLD

So long little Zuma, it was fun!

ITS FOR SALE:The Zuma just sits these days and it's time to find it a new rider. I bought this little scooter from a friend who had driven it as his primary vehicle for several years. When I got it, I didn't feel safe maxing out at 33-35 mph, so I changed out the exhaust pipe to a Leo Vince ZX, lighter roller weights, and new clutch springs. At the same time, I replace the drive belt, rear tire, brakes, speed cable, mirrors, air filter, spark plug, drive oil, and the entire clutch assembly. This little bike is incredibly reliable, runs up to just over 40 mph with a 185 lb man on it (45+ if you give it enough room). It gets in the neighborhood of 80 - 90 mpg and it's a kick in the butt to run around town on. I have some spare parts to go with it, another set of brakes (that you won't need for a long time) a front tire, spare mirros, some oil, a few tools and two DOT helmets. There is also a commuter luggage box on the back which the helmets fit into, or a brief case, sport equipment, groceries...whatever you want. There is also a lot of storage space under the seat. $900 takes it.

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